Professional Association Management

An Apple a Day, LLC provides professional administrative and management services, including support for:

  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Team building and conflict resolution
  • Administration and day-to-day operational management
  • Special project facilitation and coordination
  • Membership development, recruitment and (most importantly) retention
  • Sponsor outreach and development
  • Website content and website strategy development
  • Event/conference meeting planning and execution
  • Marketing - both internally to current members and externally to stakeholders, potential sponsors and potential members
  • Web-based training, including concept development, registration, execution and evaluation

Professional association management requires exceptional customer service and business skills, as well as experience as a leader. 

Our goals:

    • Facilitate and support volunteer leader success.
    • Coach, mentor and assist volunteer leaders in their respective role(s).
    • Assure that each member's concerns and/or needs are addressed.
    • Work with sponsors and supporters to maximize a return on investment.

We are also available for volunteer leadership consultation and training.

  • Did You Know?

    Our business has two separate divisions: 

    • Food and nutrition consulting, with a focus on schools, marketing and operational excellence.
    • Professional association management, with a focus on those practicing in the field of dietetics, food and nutrition.
  • What's New

    USDA has great school meals resources.
    Access here.

    The 2022 FDA Food Code was released in December.
    The most recent update can be found here.

  • What We've Learned Recently

    National Nutrition Month® was celebrated during March 2023.

    You will find year-round helpful resources on this page.